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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Update Galaxy S2 to XXMS1 Android 4.1.2 JellyBean Firmware

When it comes to smart phones, you will see that each passing day has something new to offer to the customers as well as to the market. The market conditions will keep changing based on the constant demand which keeps fluctuating. We have all seen that the tech industries which come up with new gadgets have to be always on their toes and give their customers the best to stay in the market. The latest product will have all the best qualities that the market has to offer including the latest features. The latest product will also be quite costly and affordable only to the elite customers. 

update galaxy s2 xxms1 android jellybean 4.1.2

One of such industries is the smart phone industry which has lately seen a lot of new phones from different brands. Here the latest technology attracts people and makes the gadget all the more useful and easy to use. But the products get obsolete very quickly in this market when compared to the other markets. That is why we can see that the flagship product of a particular brand will change in a matter of just a few months. Then the future of that particular phone will become bleak and then after a certain span of time will be taken off the market.

Samsung Galaxy S2

An exception to this rule has to be the Samsung Galaxy S2 which has been in demand right from the first day it was officially launched. It was earlier the flagship model of the galaxy series and then made way for the s3 to take over. Still the demand for the phone has been quite decent even after such a long span of time since its official release. Even the price has been brought down strategically making it a budget option for those who cannot afford the s3 but want a high performing device. The S2 comes with a

  • 4.3 inch super AMOLED plus touch screen with corning gorilla glass  protection
  • An internal memory of up to 16 to 32 GB which is then supported by an 
  • Unbelievably light at 116 grams
  • OS has now been updated to the latest Jelly Bean
  • 1.2 GHz cortex A9 processor

If you have such an impressive phone at impressive rates, the demand is definitely going to be healthy.

The latest Jelly Bean OS is now available on the S2 and the official links have been out in the market on various carriers. The latest has been a release of the firmware on air. For the galaxy s2, it is called the jelly bean 4.1.2 XXMS1 firmware and is being used very easily by the s2 users. But the fact remains that this is especially for the users in the Europe region.

What's New?

The main features that one will be able to enjoy on the Samsung Galaxy S2 with the new Jelly bean OS and this new firmware will include:
  • Two modes for different home screens
  • Nearly 50 GB space for dropbox
  • Samsung cloud services
  • Widgets
The list of features that you will come across will simply leave you awestruck.
The recently launched OS update has had all the leading brands in frenzy. The elite customers want nothing but the best for their products. So, each of these brands are trying their best to get the OS update done as fast as it can be done. None of the companies have been as successful with the new OS as Samsung as it has now got the new OS is not just the flagship but other phones too.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S2 to 4.1.2 JellyBean

The OS update requires the phone to be rebooted and this is no easy job. You have to go as per the instructions. If you are getting your Galaxy S2 rebooted to the tune of the XXMS1 Firmware then here are the steps to be followed.
Note: Do the firmware installation At Your Own Risk, the admin of this blog is not responsible for any damage caused because of your negligence. 
Step 1: First Download Android 4.1.2 JellyBean XXMS1 Firmware and download theODIN application and use the WinRar extractor to extract both the files to the required destination.

Step 2:
 Now turn your phone off and put it in the download mode. You can do this with the volume buttons and the power button.

Step 3: Connect your Samsung Galaxy S2 to the computer and run the ODIN  on your computer. (Wait until the ID: COM Box turns Yellow.

Step 4: Next Hit the PDA button and browse to go to the file location of the downloaded XXMS1 Firmware.

Step 6:
 Select ODIN Auto reboot and hit Start button to flash your phone’s memory. Once the process completes, you device may restart several times.

Done!!! You've successfully Installed the latest XXMS1 firmware to your Galaxy S2 and Now you can enjoy JellyBean Experience on your device.

How To Make Your Facebook Profile Photo Not Clickable

Facebook is a biggest social networking site. Anyone can enter into your Facebook timeline. It is an open place to share your thoughts and media. Although you may have being provided your personal information, photo and facts about yourselves in your profile.

Those information's could view by everyone, unless you made changes in Privacy. Some people don't like to enlarge or click on their profile photo by anyone or chosen people.

So today I'm going to show, how you can make your profile photo not clickable. If you're not interested to show your photo in enlarge by others. Follow the few steps below to make your profile photo unclickable.

How To Make Your Profile Photo Not Clickable

  1. Login to your Facebook account and open your timeline.
  2. Click on your profile photo.
  3. Now your profile photo will be enlarged. On the top right beside your name, click the privacy icon and make it Only me.

4.That's all. Now your photo will not be enlarged by anyone.

This feature was provided by Facebook as privacy key. I hope you like my tutorial and fulfilled your satisfaction. If you got any error, please comment it.

This feature was provided by Facebook as privacy key. I hope you like my tutorial and fulfilled your satisfaction. If you got any error, please comment it.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 Ways to Protect Your iPhone and Other Apple Devices

Apple devices embody a trick combination of properties: being both very expensive and very vulnerable to damage. The screens and cases of their mobile devices while designed to provide some protection do unfortunately break quite frequently. Additionally their premium value of Apple’s products make them vulnerable to theft too. Here are 5 top tips to avoid or lessen the heartbreak of being parted with your Apple device. These largely apply to mobile devices but can be applied to your desktop computer too.

10 Secrets To Make Your Blog Popular

Today it's very easy to start your own blog. One day you decide that you have many thoughts to share with other people, and you wanna write about it on the web, as it's the best way to show yourself today. So, you choose the topic, write some posts on it, publish them and... Well, you wait. You wait readers to come and see your articles, to comment on them, or even share them on social media. But are you sure you've made everything depended on you to make your blog good and attractive to others? Maybe people just don't find it interesting enough to read? 

How to Get Recycle Bin Back if Deleted

get back recycle bin if deleted windows xpRecycle bin is a tool, which gives the user an easy way to throw in the files that are not needed. Also, if there is a change in the mind of the users regarding the importance of the file, they can recover it from the Recycle bin, unless the particular file has been emptied from the tool. 

Things to Check when Buying Used iPhone

Since the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007, iPhone has become one of the best selling smartphone ever. It has a huge fan following and is a dream phone for many. The secret behind iPhone's success is its simple but sexy design, mind blowing features and amazing music quality. I've been an iPhone user for 3 years and have used almost all iPhone's models (iPhone 2G, 3G, 3Gs, 4, 4s). For me iPhone is one the best phones I've ever used but not anymore as I've moved to Android with Galaxy S3. Let's not talk about that today and save it for a follow up post.

10 Things to Check Before Publishing Guest Posts

Guest Posting is a common practice nowadays, Many new bloggers write guest posts in order to get high quality back links and traffic. Guest posting also helps you build reputation and relationships with blog owners. Guest Posting is also very helpful for blog owners as they get free articles which help them update their blog regularly even if they don't have time writing articles. I started accepting Guest Posts in 2012 and by now I've received several guest post. For me guest posting is a boon and it help me update my blog regularly even in my busy days. Currently I'm a Deck cadet in Merchant Navy and most of the year I'm out on ships sailing across the oceans. I'm usually busy and i don't have time writing article for my blog. This is where guest posting comes into play.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How Popular Tech Companies Got their Names

Ever wondered, How these Tech giants got their names. Well there is story behind every name and Today I'm going to tell you How Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft etc got their names.

How Popular Tech Companies Got their Names

1. Apple

popular tech companies got namesApple was Steve Jobs favorite fruit and during the time he decided company name, He had just returned from an Apple farm and was on a Fruit only diet. Some stories say that Steve gave his team members one day's time to think about a good name of his company otherwise he will put the company name as Apple Computers, At the end of the day he didn't like any of the names brought up by the team members, so he decided to name it as Apple.

It was not that easy as the name Apple was already the business name of The Beatles and it was also on their records. It was taken to court and Steve jobs paid a big amount to settle it.

2. Samsung

popular tech companies got namesAccording to the founder of Samsung Group, The word 'Samsung' means 'three stars' or 'tristar'. The word 'three' represents something "big, numerous and powerful" and the stars means eternity

3. Google

popular tech companies got namesThe word Google is actually originated from a misspelling of the word 'Googol'. The word Googol means ten raised to the power of hundred and the word reflected the companies mission of providing immense amount of information. The domain Google.com was first registered on September 15, 1997.

4. Microsoft

popular tech companies got names
The company was named by its founder Bill Gates Micro-Soft as it dealt with Microcomputers Software. The word Micro-Soft was actually the short form of Microcomputers Software. In 1987 the hypen (-) was removed from the name and the company became Microsoft.

5. Nokia

popular tech companies got namesThe name of the telecommunications giant Nokia was originated from the river named Nokianvirta, which flowed through a town in Finland. The company then moved to the town Nokia which was located by the Nokianvirta river. Nokia is an old Finnish word meaning a Dark, fury animal.

6. Facebook

popular tech companies got namesIt is the name of books given to newly enrolled students at the start of the academic year by university administrations in the US with the intention of helping students to get to know each other better.

7. Twitter

popular tech companies got namesThe Company rejected the name 'Twitch' for their Social networking services. The co-founder Jack Dorsey says "We looked in the dictionary for words around it and we came across the word 'twitter' and it was just perfect"

8. Dell

popular tech companies got namesDell was named after its founder Michael Dell. Initially it was called Dell Computers and in 2003 it changed its names from Dell Computers to Dell. 

9. Acer

popular tech companies got namesAcer is a Latin word which means “sharp, acute, able and facile”.

10. Amazon

popular tech companies got namesInitially Cadabra.com, The founder Jeff Bezos renamed it to Amazon.com after the worlds largest river Amazon.

11. Lenovo

popular tech companies got namesThe word Le in Lenovo means 'Legend' and Novo is a latin word which means 'New'.

12. Cisico

popular tech companies got namesThe word Cisco was named after the city San Francisco. The word is actually the last few letters from the word Francisco.

13. HP

popular tech companies got namesThe word HP means Hewlett-Packard which is actually the last names of its founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The funny story behind the company's name is: The founders Bill and Dave tossed a coin to decide whether the company will called Hewlett-Packard or Packard-Hewlett. And you know Who Won ;)

14. HCL

popular tech companies got namesThe word HCL is a short form of Hindustan Computers Ltd. In which Hindustan means India, the country where the company was founded. The founder of HCL is Mr.Shiv Nadar.

15. Asus

popular tech companies got namesAsus was named after Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology. The first three letters from Pegasus was dropped and the word became Asus. The reason behind dropping first three letters was to get high rank in Alphabetical listings.

16. eBay

popular tech companies got namesThe founder of eBay Pierre Omidyar had formed a web consulting concern called Echo Bay Technology Group. But when he tried registering the domain EchoBay.com, It was already registered by a Gold Mining company called Echo Bay Mines. SoPierre Omidyar registered Ebay.com, which according to him was the second best available at that time.

17. Infosys

popular tech companies got namesInfosys is the short form on Information Systems. It is one of the major IT companies in India.

18. Wipro

popular tech companies got namesWIPRO the Indian Tech Giant stands for Western India Palm Refined Ltd. The company started with producing Vanaspati oil and laundry soap and Later stepped in Technology field and become one of the Top IT services giant.

19. Adobe

The Company was named after Adobe Creek that ran behind the house of the Co-Founder John Warnock.

20. Hotmail

When Shabeer Bhatia came to Jack Smith with a Business Plan for mail service. They tried all kinds of names ending up with mail and finally setteled with Hotmail as it included the words 'HTML' (a language used to write up web pages)

21. Sony

popular tech companies got namesThe name was originated from the Latin word 'Sonus' which means Sound and 'Sonny' a slang used by Americans to refer a bright youngster.

22. HTC

The word HTC stands for High Tech Computer Corporation.

23. Corel

It was derived from the founders name Dr.Michael Cowpland. The Word Corel stands for COwpland REsearch Laboratory.

24. Intel

popular tech companies got namesIntel is the short form of INTegrated ELectronics. Actually the founders Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore wanted to name their company 'Moore Noyce' but it was already registered by a Hotel chain, So they went with Intel.

25. Motorola

Motorola was named by its founder Paul Galvin when his company started manufacturing radios for motorcars.

Best Smartphones to Look Out for in 2013

From games consoles to all in one PC’s, there is loads going off in the Technology World this year. Mobile phones are not left out either, with some great fresh technology ready to hit the shelves. With that many great models already out, we look into the new handsets being released and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Best Smartphones to Look Out for in 2013

1. HTC One (HTC M7)

Launched on February 19th in both London and New York, the new M7 from HTC is a worthy opponent to the other big dogs in the Smartphone game. Having lagged behind in recent years, it really was a case of catch up or get left behind, and HTC have certainly taken a last minute sprint with this device.

best smartphones to look out 2013

Their new flagship model is sleek, packed with features and doesn’t fall short at any hurdles. With it’s 4.7” HD screen the display on this phone is wonderful. Not to mention, this model will only come in 32GB or 64GB models, hinting at the sheer power it offers. HTC is definitely fast approaching Samsung as an Android champion and we expect to see more big things in the near future.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung are constantly on the ball when it comes to creating, improving and distributing their handsets. Leaving little time since the S3, the S4 is still proving to be one of the most hotly anticipated phones available in 2013. Know becoming known as the King of the Smartphone, Samsung never fail to let customers down. With Android Jelly Bean to add to the mix, this phone will undoubtedly be fast, brilliantly simplistic but packed with features.

best smartphones to look out 2013

With rumors flying around, it is implied the handset will be released sometime around the Unpacked even in New York, which is on March 14th. Samsung have commented saying this isn’t guaranteed, but many techies think it’s a cover up to continue the Samsung hype.

3. Nokia Lumia 940

Revamped, this Windows Phone looks set to impress, and we’re hoping to see some great developments from Nokia. Always one to produce performance driven handsets, this phone also looks set to provide great visual appeal.

With a 5mp standard camera with flash, full Office suit and many other features packed in standard, the Lumia's hardware offers a good rival to the iPhone in terms of what’s on offer. This could work in their favor, or perhaps make people see it as a slightly tackier version of the Apple giant.

Design wise, they’ve gone all in attempt to make this phone look better than any previous models. Notorious for bad choices in design, but great moves in functionality, we are hoping Nokia finally cuts the balance with the Lumia. App wise, the Windows Store falls short, at the moment. With the potential to boom, we are going to take this as a ‘Work In Progress’ and look forward to seeing what is to become available for anyone taking the plunge in buying a Windows Phone.

4. HTC Silver

HTC was the brand on everyone's lips a few years back, with it overtaking many of the big boys due to their handsets innovation and ‘fresh’ designs. Sadly, their reign slowly came to a halt and HTC are now dwindling at the bottom of the Smart Phone pecking order.

We’re happy to say, judging on this new staple handset that they will be able to claw their way back up the smartphone hierarchy.

The Legend (it’s other name), is beautifully designed and with Android 2.3, boasts a brilliant system. It seems HTC took it all the way back to the drawing board with this model, packing in features people actually want. Camera flash, AMOLED touch screen and more RAM included naming a few.

5. Apple iPhone 5S

After the release of iPhone 5, Now eyes are set on the next generation iPhone. Yes the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, Whatever the name is but its gonna be big. According to the Past events, It is known that Apple usually launches a new iPhone in the period of September-November and This time also according to the rumors the new iPhone will roll out in late 2013. 
After Apple revealed iPhone 5 last year, People were very disappointed because of not much change in iOS, iPhone features, Same old 8MP Camera etc. But this time it is been said that the new iPhone will be packing amazing features enough to shake the Smartphone market. 


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