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How to Get Recycle Bin Back if Deleted

get back recycle bin if deleted windows xpRecycle bin is a tool, which gives the user an easy way to throw in the files that are not needed. Also, if there is a change in the mind of the users regarding the importance of the file, they can recover it from the Recycle bin, unless the particular file has been emptied from the tool. 

It is a tool that proves to be of great help, in case you have deleted a file accidentally. What if the ‘Recycle bin’ tool gets removed from your desktop? There are chances that this tool will be removed, either by a malicious program or accidentally. Do not panic, as this doesn’t mean that the access to the Recycle bin has been removed. All you need to do is, bring it back to the desktop screen, by the following methods: 

How to Get Recycle Bin Back if Deleted 

Desktop icon settings

get back recycle bin if deleted windows xp

To restore the ‘Recycle bin’ icon on your screen, right click on the desktop and select ‘Personalize’. On the left pane, you can see an option of ‘Change desktop icons’ that you need to choose. This will open up a window of ‘Desktop Icon Settings’, check the ‘Recycle bin’ box and it will appear on your desktop followed by a system restart. 

For Windows XP:

Go to ‘Properties’, after right clicking on the desktop. Choose ‘Desktop’ tab and click on the ‘customize’ button. Select ‘Restore Default’ from there, this will give all the desktop icons that were available by default. For the re-appearance of the ‘Recycle bin’ icon, restart your system to complete the change in settings. 

Altering the settings in System Registry

get back recycle bin if deleted windows xp

Open up a ‘Run’ dialog box from the ‘Start’ menu or by pressing down ‘Win’ key+R. In the Run dialog box, type in ‘Regedit’ and hit Enter key. This will open up the ‘Registry’ editor for you, where you can see the Regedit tool on the left side of the pane. From there, navigate to:
Go to the ‘NameSpace’ folder from the above location and right click on it, which will give you the option of selecting ‘New’ and ‘Keys’. By choosing these options, you can enter the following code in the Registry editor followed by hitting ‘Enter’ key:


Restart your system, to bring back the Recycle bin on your desktop.
Do remember to take a back up of the ‘System Registry’ before making any changes to it, so that you can restore the previous settings, if the current changes create an issue.

Get back the Recycle bin icon with limited functionalities

Open up ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Folder Options’ option by clicking on ‘Tools’ tab. Click on the ‘View’ tab from the options menu and uncheck ‘Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)’ box. Click on ‘Yes’ at the appearance of a warning message. On the left pane of the window, select ‘Folders’ and navigate to ‘Recycle bin’ from the list. Once you’re there, hold and drag the ‘Recycle bin’ icon to your desktop. This shortcut key will have the functionalities of a Recycle bin, but it is not the exact one. 

get back recycle bin if deleted windows xp

You can drag and put the files in this Recycle bin’s icon, to delete the files. You can also restore the files from this icon. However, you cannot access the properties of ‘Recycle bin’ from this icon.

To access the properties, you need to double click on this icon. Then, right click on the window to go to the ‘Properties’ option from the menu.
Do not worry, if you cannot see any ‘Recycle Bin’ icon on your desktop, as you can try any of the above three options to get back the ‘Recycle bin’ on your screen.
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