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10 Secrets To Make Your Blog Popular

Today it's very easy to start your own blog. One day you decide that you have many thoughts to share with other people, and you wanna write about it on the web, as it's the best way to show yourself today. So, you choose the topic, write some posts on it, publish them and... Well, you wait. You wait readers to come and see your articles, to comment on them, or even share them on social media. But are you sure you've made everything depended on you to make your blog good and attractive to others? Maybe people just don't find it interesting enough to read? 

Every blogger has his own secrets of how to make a blog catchy for readers. If your blog doesn't have visitors, it's time to beat the alarm and think about what is wrong with it. A person will never read your blog if you don't know what to do to make it popular. Let me reveal 10 secrets of your blog's popularity, which are simple but really efficient. 

10 Secrets To Make Your Blog Popular

1. Work on your content.

People won't read your blog if they come and see no new information there. If your blog is last edited 2-3 months ago, it means you are not interested in writing anymore, you don't care about readers, and they won't find any useful infirmation here. What is the reason to read a blog that doesn't have new articles? So, add your posts regularly, 1-2 times a week at least.

2. Don't be in a hurry.

Aome bloggers add new posts every day. As a result, they don't have anything to say in a month. If you have many thoughts to share with your readers, you can write your posts in advance, and add them regularly afterwards. Nothing good will happen if your blog is so interesting and informative in March for example, but you have no ideas what you will write about in April. 

3. Work on design.

People like websites and blogs that differ from others somehow. Make your blog unique, add some bright elements to its design. Believe me, it works! Nobody likes to visit websites with bad design and navigation.

4. Work on your post's structure.

It won't be comfortable for your visitors to read long texts that are dificult to perceive. Even if the information given is very interesting and useful for a person, he won't read your article till the very end. So, structurize your post for its better and easier reading: use short paragraphs (3-5 sentences are enough), subtitles, bright fonts, images of a good quality etc.

5. Minimum ads.

People won't be happy to come to your blog and see dozens of ads there. Yes, you wanna earn something, but a person comes to read your posts, not an ad. 2-3 banners will be ok, but choose an appropriate place for them. They shouldn't distract people from reading. 

6. Motivate your readers.

They should be active and take part in your blog's “life”. Ask questions, ask to rate your post, ask to leave a comment and share their thoughts on the topic given. People think that the more comments your blog has – the more popular it is among users.

7. Stay calm.

Don't be aggressive with your readers, even if you don't like their comments and find them unfair. It's impossible to be good for everyone, and some people may leave unpleasant comments concerning your writing, or disagree with your point of view. Just read and analyze such comments.

8. Don't forget about social networks.

Don't hesitate using Facebook or Twitter buttons for your blog. It will make visitors share some your posts with their friends, or read your blog's news via their social profiles.

9. Mind your language.

Internet users don't like reading long and complex sentence. They wanna see the information needed, and they wanna get it with the words they understand. Write your post as if you write a letter to your good friends. This is the best way to make it interesting. 

10. Share your posts with other blogs.

You can write some guest posts for other blogs on the topic you are interested in. Their readers will find out more information about you as an author and will have a chance to visit your own blog and learn it. And now it's your job to make them stay with you and read your blog regularly. 

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