Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Top Note Taking Apps to Type In Manuscripts

The app generation welcomes yet another app to add to its feather. The new type of application which is again developed to make your life easy. Actually, works well! With markets flooding with various note-taking apps, let us have a close look at Top 5 Note-taking Apps which can do us some good. 

1. Evernote

Evernote with the tagline “Remember everything” manages to do well in the note-taking apps category by being flexible to gel with almost all the platforms. Basically, a web based application which also provides apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. It provides you the liberty to stack same kind of content together. Moreover, you can tag keywords in your notes! Data saving is free up to an extent of 60 MB per month. The premium packages offer a bandwidth up to 1GB each month at $5 per month or $45 per year. The only thing that makes you think twice before using it is its signup requirement. It gets a bit tedious to sign up each time before saving notes especially when you are in hurry!

2. Notepad.cc

Notepad.cc is as simple a notepad application as one can think of. Only web based, free and requires no signup. Only problem with this application is its extreme simplicity which makes it only a note taking app and restricts searching the data next time. If you can remember what you save, this one is good for you. Otherwise, it can take quite a toll on you searching the very classy, important data that you saved to read later in peace. 

3. Save and search

Saveandsearch is my favourite application of all mainly because of its easy to use features. To start with, it requires no signup and this proves to be a big boon when you actually use it! Usually you need a note taking app to save stuff which is to be read later, and need to focus on something else at that point of time. Saving easily is good but searching it easily is even more important. As hunting is really difficult, lets you search very easily. The procedure to search here is good not just because it is easy but also because of its results. It fetches all the data related to a topic, saved publicly on saveandsearch. Yes, saved publicly! This is a feature which outstands it from the rest. You get an option to save your data privately, publicly or to share it with some particular person. And, above all, its a FREE to use service! 

4. Google Keep

The new entry in the note taking apps category is a good one! It is simple and that is the best thing about it. Easy interface makes it usable with no hassles of signup or registration. You can keep adding new notes and assign them different colors. But, only up to a limit. This is a big factor associated with Keep that restricts you from saving a lot. No, there is no memory issue. Its just that you cannot organise it very well. It just offers a list view and a grid view to organise your documents. Other than that everything else is good about it, like it is also a free to use service. 

5. Onenote

Microsoft Onenote is just very good for all the Microsoft centric people out there. It is a core Microsoft product embedded in MS office and also comes as Onenote MX app for Windows 8. Very handy to organise your notes as it allows you to create separate notebooks under different categories and also allows you to sub divide it by having multiple sections. It of course requires signup and is a paid service for premium usage. But a good and matured product to be used as a note-taking application.

Having been read about all the note taking apps, are you ready to take notes online and store data over cloud? If not, gear up yourself to be abreast with the technology and start using all the techniques that are being invented, after all brains behind it struggle so much to make your lives out there easy! Keep surfing the net all day long saving your interests along with it. 
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