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Top 10 World's Richest Tech Billionaires 2013

Hello, Readers Today we are sharing The world's Richest Tech Billionaires according to Forbes. These people changed the digital era by providing innovative technology. The Interesting fact about these billionaires is some of them are College dropouts from famous universities.

#1.  Bill Gates

Age : 57
Education : College Dropout from Harvard University.
Occupation : CFO and Chairman of Microsoft.
Net Worth : $67 Billion 
AboutBill Gates is the world richest man in the world and also no.1 tech billionaire. Gates is a self made billionaire and he donated more than $27 Billion to Charity.
Check here more about Bill Gates

#2.  Larry Joseph Ellision

Age : 68
Education : College Dropout from Chicago University and University of Illinois.
Occupation : CFO and Chief Executive of Oracle Corporation. 
Net Worth : $43 Billion 
About: Larry Ellision is the 2nd Richest Tech Billionaire according to forbes. He is a self made billionaire and given hundreds of million dollars to medical research and for education.

#3.  Jeff Bezos

Age : 49
Education : Bachelor of Arts/Science from Princeton University.
Occupation : Founder and Chief Executive officer of Amazon.
Net Worth : $25.2 Billion 
About: Jeff Bezos is created amazon.com, And he is the main key role to grow E-commerce. Currently amazon.com is the no.1 selling E-Tailor in the world. Amazon.com earns $607.05 per second.

#4.  Larry Page

Age : 40
Education : Master of Science from Stanford University and Bachelor of Arts/Science from Michigan.
Occupation : CFO and CEO of Google.
Net Worth : $23 Billion 
About: Larry page invented page rank and he is investing money google+, youtube and for Android Operating system.

#5.  Sergey Brin

Age : 39
Education : Master of Science from Stanford University and Bachelor of Arts/Science from Maryland.
Occupation : CFO and Director Special Projects.
Net Worth : $22.8 Billion 
About: Invented Google.com with Larry page. And He was involved with Goole upcoming concept Google Glass and other innovative projects. And he is a self made billionaire.

#6.  Michael Dell

Age : 48
Education : Dropout from Texas University.
Occupation : Founder and CEO of Dell Inc.
Net Worth : $15.3 Billion 
About: Dell Inc. is the one of the highest selling  PC's. According to forbes his last year net worth is $14.6 billion. He is the 49th world richest man. and Michael Dell is a self made billionaire.

#7.  Steve Ballmer

Age : 57
Education : Bachelor of Arts/Science from Harvard University and Stanford university dropout.
Occupation : Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft.
Net Worth : $15.2 Billion 
About: Steve Ballmer was 30th employee of Microsoft and hired by Bill Gates in 1980. Steve Ballmer Completed 13th year as CEO.

#8.  Paul Allen

Age : 60
Education : College Dropout from Washington State University.
Occupation : CFO of Microsoft and Chairman of Vulcan Inc.
Net Worth : $15 Billion 
About: Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded Microsoft. Paul Allen is a Investor of Vulcan Inc. Apart from techno, Allen owns two sports teams.

#9.  Mark Zuckerberg

Education : Dropout from Harvard University.
Occupation : CFO , Chairman and Chief Executive Office of Facebook
Net Worth : $13.3 Billion 
About: Mark Zuckerberg one of the famous Internet Entrepreneur and #66 richest man in the world. Mark received Time person of the year 2010. for more check here

#10.  Azim Premji

Age : 67
Education : Bachelor of Arts/Science from Stanford University.
Occupation : Chairman of Wipro
Net Worth : $11.2 Billion 
About: Azim Premji is the India's 3rd Richest man. Azmi Premji owns 79% of Wipro. He gave $2.3 Billion shares to Education foundation in February 2013.

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