Friday, September 6, 2013

Social Media Mistakes Done By New Bloggers

Hello Readers!! Now days "Social Media Mistakes" has became a very serious issue for a beginner  to be solved because we all know that social media sites are important for a blogger as it helps to create traffic for your help and there are lots of social media sites, which all has completely different concept from one another. For the new bloggers choosing the right one for their blog promotion and marketing has became very difficult and confusing. What's became even more more difficult for the new bloggers is to clear out how they can use these various social media networks very effectively, So in today article we will share our thoughts that what type of social media mistakes to avoid by a new blogger to improve their blogs traffic and to gain some reputation into various social profiles.

Social media  mistakes to be avoid.

Actually there are pretty common mistakes that new bloggers are doing or have done in past into their various social media networks. Avoiding them from starting can help you to save some time but if you have done it already then then there is nothing to tense about just avoid them from now only. here are some common mistakes done by new bloggers in social mediasites.

Spending time on Facebook only :-

Its a common mistake because when blogger thinks about social media sites the first name which came in their mind is "Facebook" only. But let me clear that its not a only network to spent time as we know there are lots of sites and Yet, it is not the only network that can effectively help you to promote your blog or site. when it comes to promote your blog or site You can utilize other networks too, where your target audience can be found. Just spend some time in Google +, twitter, Pinterest, Myspace, LinkedIn and YouTube as well. So that you will get the best platform to promote your blog or site. 

Using too many social media sites :- 

If we are saying that don't concentrate on Facebook only then it doesn't mean that you should got for too many social networks at once. Because it is very difficult to engage with too many audience at once. and if you are doing that then may be at some point you will get confused about your social media networks and in results your content which you share , tweet and post will being to suffer. So concentrate on 2 or 3 networks maximum and focus on the quality not quantity.

Missing important widgets in your blog :-

As per as a visitor or a regular reader they want a very simple and easy method or one click button to join your social network as well as sharing your content.You can use some usefulsocial media widgets to make your visitor comfortable about the sharing of your article. You can take a look on our some of the social media widgets which will help you to attract your audience and put them into easy to spot area of your blog.

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Sharing own content only :-

Its a kind of thing which can be done by popular,savvy, well established and famous blogger only without reducing their popularity. But what about the new bloggers ? The new bloggers are very rookie and beginner to do this, so share your friends and others content too to build your online presence so that you can get noticed and in fact sharing the content of other bloggers is an effective way to provide your audience more valuable content they can actually utilize.
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