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Remove Last Name On Facebook

Facebook is currently no.1 social networking site and also registered more than 1.1 billion accounts till now. FB allow us connect people all around the world and to find new friends and we can share ideas, news etc. let's come to our topic.

FB don't allow users to hide or remove last name, but for Indonesia people, they can remove their last name. so today we use Indonesia proxy to remove our FB last name.

How to Hide or Remove last name on Facebook


How to Hide or Remove last name on Facebook

First of you need Mozilla Firefox browser, if you dont have download it from here

  • Open Mozilla Browser, then click on Firefox button placed on top of left side, now navigate to 
               Options > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings 
  • After opening settings, A new window will appear named Connection Settings 
  • Now you need to add Indonesian proxy address
                   To find Indonesian proxies go to :  proxynova.com/proxy-server-list/country-id/ 
Note : Copy Proxy Ip and Proxy port in above website.


  • Now click on Manual proxy configuration and enter Indonesian proxy and proxy port. and simply tick on Use this proxy server for all protocols. follow below picture.
  • Now log into your FB account and open your account settings, and change language to Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Now click on Name edit ( sunting ) and remove your last name and middle name and un mark on optional name. follow below picture to understand clearly.
  • Now you need to do two changes 1 is to change language to English and you need to remove indonesian proxy from your Mozilla Firefox. 
               Options > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings
  • In connection settings choose Use system Proxy Settings.                                                              

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