Friday, September 6, 2013

How To Make Your Blog Famous In 20 Days


Hi readers!! We know that now days blogging has become a very awesome way to share your ideas or to help others with your own skills, you can also earn some bucks by putting some ads in your blog but for that you have to do a lot of hard work to make your blog popular.So, In today's article we will share our views or you can say experience with you. This article is all about some basic but useful tips to make your popular. A blog can get popular by some easy and simple step's we have discussed here.  So lets start our article to "Make your blog popular"

1.Use Custom Domain:-

A custom domain mean's "www.xyz.com" or like our "www.skillblogger.com". It looks very professional in comparison of a sub domain, i.e. "www.xyz.blogspot.com" or "www.theskillblogger.blogspot.com". the domain play's the most important role in your blog. It is everything for your blog. I recommend you to choose a good,short and easy to rememberdomain name, So that people can easily visit your blog.We recommend Godaddy to buy a quality domain because they have affordable price and their service is very strong and helpful. But dont use such free domains like Dot.tk or anything else because it will affect your search engine traffic.

2.Social Media Promotion:- 

In these days, The social Media is playing very important role in promotion of your blog, it helps a lot to drive traffic in your blog.There are many popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. Where you can share your blog's content and the most awesome fact about social media promotion is that it will charge you nothing. But if you want a high level promotion then yo can pay also.

3.Quality Content:-

At the starting days of your blog, we recommend you to post good and unique quality content as much as you can. Try to write two or three articles per day or at least one post a day because the more you write, the more you will get. But don't ever copy article from another article, cause Google is a lot smart, than you thought. If you will copy article, there will be a proper chance to get DMCA notice from the original author of the article. Also there is no profit to copy a article which is already indexed on google.

4.Guest Post:-

This will help you and your blog a lot as it helped me a lot. If you will guest post for quality and high Pr blog's then you will get some quality of back links from those high Pr blog's and also by guest posting you can make some good blogger friends, so that in exchange they will also post on your blog when you will be busy or in exam time. But always prefer your blog first only guest post when you will get time after posting at your own blog.

5.Arrange Some Useful Giveaway's:-    

Now day's giveaway's has became a great way to get instant traffic for your blog. Along with traffic, you will get some useful likes, share's, comments, tweets, follow's etc. On various Social Profiles. These days it is very easy to create giveaway with the help of some online tools like Punchtab and Rafflecopter. You can say that, Giveaway is a shortcut to "Make Your Blog Popular".
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