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How To Improve HTC One Battery Life

Getting a long lasting battery backup till the end of the day is a challenging task for most mobile users. I own an HTC One and my friends do ask me how is the battery life on htc one?.
For me it lasts a day which is quite good considering its 1080 x 1920 pixel 4.7inch full HD display with the 1.7 Ghz Quad-Core processor which takes the most of the juice from the battery.The HTC One has a 2300 mAh Li-Po battery in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S4 2600 mAh and iPhone 5 1440 mAh battery.
The fact is that smartphone users will always complain of poor battery life. Some may be genuinely getting a low battery backup while some just hate it when their phone runs out of juice even before the day ends due to heavy usage. So i have prepared a simple guide to improve htc one battery life which will satisfy your thirst for more battery backup.
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What users say ?

How to make my phone battery last longer ?
Whats the point of having a smartphone if you have to do all these tweaks just to keep it running ?
Well if you use your smartphone like its supposed to be then its meant to suck on battery. Many computer oriented tasks have now migrated to smartphone. Until a new battery technology is innovated we gotta stick to such limited battery backup, unless you have found a way to power your mobile device with the ironman’s life sustaining power core.

Tweaks and tips to maximize battery performance on Htc One

There are various tips and tweaks for android which can maximize the battery life on htc one. These mobile battery saving tips can be applied to any high end android smartphone if the options are available in particular, here we have compiled the battery optimization guide specifically for HTC One.
htc one battery life performance e1374808190992 How To Improve HTC One Battery Life (Guide)
Light Battery Optimization – Common easier steps to improve battery life on HTC One. These tweaks will have minimum effect on your user experience along with a little battery backup boost.
  • Avoid overcharging or undercharging your htc device. When possible charge it to 100% in a single charge and recharge the battery at near about 20%. Also dont leave your phone on charging overnight, doing so may damage the battery overtime.
  • Use original HTC charger to charge your phone at the proper current rate. Other chargers might inject more than specified current which will eventually damage the battery.
  • Use built in task manager to kill running apps – Tap the home button on htc one twice to display the actively running apps. Swipe up the apps one by one to kill them.
  • Turn on wifi energy saving mode – Go to settings > WiFi > Advanced from top right corner button. Check mark on “Wifi optimization” and uncheck “Best WiFi performance” .
  • Turn on power saving mode to control cpu usage – Go to Settings > Power > Turn on Power saver to optimize battery life.
  • Turn on sleep mode which will turn off data connection during long periods of inactivity. Go to Settings > Power > Turn on “Sleep Mode”.
  • Lower display timeout - Set the display time out to 45 seconds.
  • Avoid using android live wallpapers - I know those animated android live wallpapers look soo beautiful but hey they will suck the juice from your battery whenever the display is turned on. You can use Best Wallpapers HD app to download some cool still wallpapers.
  • Disable GPS satellites in location services – Go to Settings > Location > and uncheck “GPS Satellites” option.
  • Auto dim screen while page loading when using stock android internet browser – Open up internet app > Go to settings > Accessibility > Checkmark option “Dim screen during page loading”.
  • Manage Accounts & Sync – To manage synced apps Go to Settings > Accounts & sync. For Google Accounts go to email account and turn off sync for unused service like Google Photos, Google+, Picasa, Tasks etc, while App Data, Calendar & Contact sync are essential to keep turned on. Similarly i have turned off sync for my rarely used apps like soundcloud, tumblr, twitter etc. You can manually sync such apps whenever you open them up.
  • Set automatic backup account to Google Account instead of HTC Account. Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Backup account > Choose Google Account.
  • Uninstall unused apps – Uninstall unused apps from time to time. Doing so will not only save up your storage space for other media but also keep ram free on your phone and your phone will run faster and consume less battery. Go to Settings > Apps > All, to uninstall apps.
All these above mentioned tweaks will improve the Htc One battery life without much sacrificing the smartphone experience and are manageable. Beyond this are some excessive battery improvement tips which will hamper your experience, but no harm in knowing them.
Hard Optimization – More severe measures if you really want a long lasting battery backup and run your phone faster.
  • Limited widgets on homescreen – Widgets use battery and ram so the lesser or no widgets at all will save up your battery, but then the widgets are the most appealing and useful feature of android, i cant imagine using my phone without them.
  • Minimum homescreens – You can spread your apps and widgets and shortcuts across multiple homescreens and quickly access them with a swipe. 3 homescreens are idle, more than that will increase battery consumption on each addition.
  • Disable beats audio – Htc One is powered by beats audio engine, gives pure awesome crisp clear & loud sound that i can never give up. You may turn it off from settings for the sake of saving battery.
  • Use stock HTC Sense launcher – If you have always been dependent on other launcher like Nova launcher, Go launcher or ADW launcher then be aware that these launchers will increase the battey comsumption in comparison to the default HTC sense launcher. So its up to you to decide if you can give up on your favourite launcher to get more battery juice. I know its like impossible.
  • Disable Blinkfeed – Removing blinkfeed updates will save up lots of battery for you. To get rid of Htc One blinkfeed go to blinkfeed settings > Topics & Services > Uncheck everything under “Services & Apps”, “Featured Headlines” & “Categories” . Note that the blinkfeed page will be blank but still be available on the left most homescreen as its not completely removable.
  • Set lower brightness – Displays are the most battery suckers on a smartphone, keeping the brightness at low levels will save lots of battery but no one likes to do that and auto brightness isn’t that efficient as well. So the alternative is to add a android brightness widget on homescreen so that whenever you are just chatting on whatsapp or reading text for long periods you can adjust brightness on the fly with a tap. Oh and did you knew that some samsung galaxy devices support adjusting brightness from statusbar ?.
  • Turn off vibrations – This is the most obvious thing to do on any phone to save some more juice but you might end up with missed calls, unseen messages and updates. Go to Settings > Sound > turn off vibration and “vibrate on touch” and keyboard vibration feedback under Settings > Language & Keyboard > HTC Sense Input > “vibration feedback”.
  • Turn off 3G / 4G data connection when not in use. You can turn it on whenever you need to access internet.
  • Completely turn off Auto sync – Go to Settings > Accounts & Sync > Turn off Auto sync. This will disable auto update for emails, facebook, google accounts, twitter , rss feeds, whatsapp contacts etc. Though you can manually open app and check for updates.

A few more HTC One tips

  • If your are facing slow charging issues with HTC One then make sure you are using an original charger.
  • The HTC One battery replacement is possible only by expert technicians because of its unibody design like iPhone. So you should take extra care of your phone when charging.
  • If still on 4.1.2 then you should check your device for software update OTA, the latest jellybean 4.2.2 has been pushed to most of the devices, brings better battery life for HTC One.
  • Those who have received the HTC One 4.2.2 Jellybean update may turn on battery percentage to display in statusbar from Settings > Power > “Show battery level” and keep and eye on battery usage.
  • Use a portable battery charger – I bought a 2600 mAh portable battery charger. Whenever i am unable to charge phone at home or work, and if i am travelling. It gives me extra juice if i use the device for excessively for tasks like emails, facebook, twitter, feedly feeds and mobile gaming. Such tasks will drain the battery faster but you dont need to worry when you have a portable charger with you.

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