Sunday, September 8, 2013

How To Control Mouse Remotely With Mobile [Via Bluetooth]

If your mouse broken or if you need to control your computer with other place, you can use wireless mouse. but i found a great solution for it. Now you can control your mouse with your mobile phone. You need these services to do it

  • Your mobile must have bluetooth service
  • Your computer must have bluetooth service (you can use bluetooth USB Dongle)
  • Your phone must have Android / Java feature 
We using software for this called WMouseXP. Click Here to get it. this is full freeware software. download and install it
Then you need to install Software to your mobile.

If you using Android Click Here. to get application or Download this app and send to mobile

If your mobile java enabled go to http://wap.clearevo.com/ website with your mobile and install java application to your mobile phone.

Then pair your phone with your computer. and open WMouseXP application. and open application with mobile too. after opening mobile application you can see a ID in screen. type in on computer software and Click Connect

What Can Do With This?

  • 1: Exit the presentation (Esc, use while in Powerpoint*).
  • 2: Previous slide (Page Up, use while in Powerpoint*).
  • 3: Start presentation (F5, use while in Powerpoint*).
  • 4: Launch “My Computer”.
  • 5: Launch Media Player.
  • 6: Mute/Unmute.
  • 7: Stop.
  • 8: Play/Pause.
  • 9: Increase Volume.
  • *: Previous Track.
  • 0: Next Track.
  • #: Decrease Volume.
  •  You can control your mouse easily with you mobile joystick

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