Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How To Attract Visitors To Your Blog

Blogging is a good way to spread your word to the people all over the world. Nowadays blogging become like competition day bay day many blogs have created since 2010. Because before 2010 there's only valuable blog in which the contents of those blog had made by own it. But now, once a blog make the content theme selves, and other hundred of blogs are ready to copy the same content.

This situation is now happening on blogger's community. This lead to copyright violation and search will not try to index the copied content on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) especially Google.

Making a blog popular is every blogger's dream. It can not be get in your hand easily but if your are working hard in your blog. Then I can tell you that your blog become successful. In the beginning you have to do hard work in you blog to get promoted into next level.

Here are the three measurement that can help your blog to become favorite or ice cream for your blog visitor and they will tries to browse your bog everyday.

Content That Visitor's Want

If your blog subsume many categories like Blogging, PC tutorial, Photo Gallery, Fashion, health, Technology, Reviews etc,. There may be have towering traffic and response in few categories out of them all. For example if you are blog getting more visitors and comments in blogging category than other categories. From that you can understand that your blog's visitor more likely towards your blogging content.
You have to analyze where your blog getting more traffic and interest in you blog's content. Then try to publish such content that visitors want always. Do regular post daily to keep visitor coming everyday.

Attract Your Blog Design

Design is a important factor to make attract to your blog visitors. Your blog should have a unique design. People are always to attract to unique and interesting. When a person visit your blog, the design make them attract and more impression.

The first impression is the best impression. Then visitors try browse your blog continuously. If you blog design is boorish one, then the visitor leave your blog within seconds and will not visit your blog later. For example there is beautiful car and grotesque one. What you should choose? Absolute the beautiful one. Make the design user-friendly.

Provide Free Stuff To Download

Sure, we all love free stuff. Not paid. Provide free stuffs to visitors. It is an good way to increase your blog favor to the visitor. It can be almost anything like eBook, templates, tools etc., That should valuable and beautiful. Not a simple one. It should help the visitors. People keep visiting your blog everyday.

The stuff should be reliable and free downloadable. There isn't make any hard step to download.

I hope you have found this article useful. I would appreciate if you share this article to your friends. keep following above measurement in your blog. I guarantee that your blog become favor or ice cream and attractive for the visitors and they will visit your blog everyday. What different ways would you be able to make your blog attractive to visitor?
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