Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How To Attract Advertisers To Your Blog

Often bloggers fails to monetize their blog due to several reason, even there are many ways to earn money through blogging. Some popular methods are Affiliate, Adsense and direct advertisement. But adsense take more hard to get approved while affiliates are given in minutes.

In my ideology, direct advertisement is better than other two methods (mentioned above). Because nowadays bloggers are complaining adsense in forums and other places due to negative reliability. It does require minimum balance to cash-out. Unlike direct advertisement, If one ad space sell, the blog owner will get money immediately without any delay.

So here are few best steps which lead your blog to get more advertisers easily. If such steps are included in your blog. Sure you can earn more money with direct advertisement and retain advertisers in your blog.


A blog must have massive audience, most of the advertiser measure a blog performance by traffic, social media followers and page rank. A blog never make money without these metrics.

Advertisers want more publicity for their products by advertising in other blog, So blog should need sufficient visitors to generate huge audience for the sponsor. Mostly advertisers use two leading ways to measure blog ranking that are Google Page Rank and Alexa ranking.
Try to increase audience and rank to get and retain advertisers in your blog. 

Well Design

It is an important criteria to have well designed blog. Even for SEO and Advertisers. Especially it includes: theme, widgets, navigation etc. Such a blog can be defined as User-Friendly.

There should have good layout in your blog. Ads spaces are most important. You have to free some place for ads space in your blog. It can be in sidebar, content section, header and footer. Advertiser look for the ad space which have high impression. 

Advertisement Section

It is important to provide information and pricing about ads and your blog. Create a special page for showing relevant details of your blog and ads option.

Write a small description about your blog and tell what kinds of people are reading your blog. How much visitors you are getting in days/months, total followers, ranking in different searching engine etc.

These things should be added in your advertisement page. So advertiser can determine your blog quality. It will be more useful for advertisers, if you show pricing of ads space in your blog too. You can check our advertisement page for more ideas.

Respond Inquires Nicely

Whenever you get an email inquiry from a advertiser. You have to clear advertiser's doubt regarding your blog. so they can determine that advertising in your blog can get best experience.

Show them good customer service and they’ll be more inclined to purchase that ad space that they’re inquiring about. Make payment method are easy for advertisers to transfer money (use PayPal). Make special template (structure) for responding email inquiry from a advertiser as reply of the email.

Final Words

Every steps are easy to follow and try practicing above steps in your blog to attract advertisers in your blog. I hope you find this article as best turn to your blog. I would appreciate those who share this article to their community.  
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