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Best Tips To Increase Referral Traffic To Your Blog

Referral Traffic
Oh, This is the first post after redesign of our blog to v3. Within 2 months I made this new template. Ow finished. Now I'm free at all. I'm going to continue posting again (Never Give UP). Okay, let know what I'm going to post today for you. This article will show you the best way to increase referral traffic to your blog.

Since Traffic is an most necessary factor of blog. Without traffic, the blog is 0 (nothing). So usually there are three types of traffic, that are direct traffic, search engine traffic and referral traffic. Almost these three traffics are good and reliable. But here we discussing about referral traffic only.

Let me tell you what is referral traffic?. Referral traffic is that a visitor came directly from other website by clicking the link on it, rather than from search engine result or direct. For example: a website added your blog link on it and visitor of that website may click your blog link from that website and visitor will be redirected into your blog,  that traffic is know as referral traffic.

Now come to the best tips to increase referral traffic into your blog by 4 ways. That are simple and humble. Everyone can do. Referral traffic can gain your page rank and referral traffic drives targeted visitors to your website

Advertise On website Or Blog

Advertise your blog link on other website or blog by paying few money for the owner of it. it is an great way to get more visitors to your blog by referral traffic. Just you can advertise your blog linked banner or text link, because banner will be eye catching one for visitors, so they would click.

Advertising your blog should be in higher page ranked site or blog and which a website or blog has thousands of visitors. Do not advertise on neap blog. In other case if your friend has blog. Just ask him/she to add your banner on it. freely, or bug any other bloggers, not in the way of cruel.

Use Social Networking Sites

Oh this is easy for everyone. There is no one who don't have created Facebook account in my city yet. Hope your city too. You can use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc,. In this case you have to share your blog post into those sites social site, So other many social site users can enter into your blog.

Let post your blog posts on group, status, comments as well, with including your blog link. This will generate huge referral traffic to your blog.

Spread as much as you can share your blog content on social networking site. Millions of people are living in it. So it is a best way  to grow your referral traffic.

Upload unique music video or even guide video to YouTube and mention your blog link in the description. If your video has huge viewers, then you will get that huge viewers to your blog as visitors, in the form of referral traffic. Try, It is best.

Be A Good Personality In Forums

Forums are great way to improve your knowledge. Although forums are made for making discussion. There are many forums in the web, where people can discuss their problem or question.

Try to help others problem or question by giving appropriate solution to them in the forum discussion. Just add your blog link below that content. So they will target to your blog for knowing more information about their problems or query.

There few forums in where hundreds of active people asking their queries to get solution for them everyday. Such as Yahoo AnswersGoogle ForumDigital PointWarrior ForumStack Overflow.

Guest Posting

Guest posting also good way to increase referral traffic. Post good content on other blog with their permission and tell admin to add your small info with your blog link. The post should be good one, don't just post simple one.

Guest posting should be in high page ranked blog and a blog has getting huge visitors. Then drive referral traffic to your blog easily.


Above all methods are best way to increase your referral traffic to your blog and get more visitors to your blog or website. Try your best with those methods. I hope you found this article as good one for your blogging carrier.

Do you have any additional tips for increasing referral traffic? We would love to hear them!
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