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60 Beautiful Flowers Wallpapers

Editor’s note: This is a contributed post by John Zenkert who has a huge passion for design and the Internet. Currently he maintains a website called MinePick, a Minecraft server list.
The urban lifestyle is everywhere. Those who don’t have it, want it; and those who have it would rather die than give it up. Surrounded by people’s constant pursuit of a city life, on television and in media as well as in real life, it’s easy to forget that not long ago, a majority of people were living outside of cities.

Hopefully, this collection of wallpapers of flowers will take you back to the pre-industrialization era. While flowers most certainly still exist, few take the time to experience the many senses they can pleasure.
They are not only a visual feast for the eyes, but also have thousands of indescribable scents. The latter is obviously not possible to experience through a computer screen, but we hope that the beauty of the flowers in the collection is enough to at least put a smile on your face.
Wet Drops Blue Rose. Available in the following size(s): 1280×7201366×7681600×900,1920×10802560×1440
blue rose wallpaper
Dandelion FlowerAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×7201366×7681600×9001920×1080
dandelion flower wallpaper
Wet Drops Wine Red RoseAvailable in the following size(s): 2560×1600
wet drops wine red rose wallpaper
Yellow TulipsAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×7201366×7681600×9001920×1080
yellow tulips wallpaper
Purple DrosteAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×7201366×7681600×9001920×1080
purple droste wallpaper
Sunflower WorldAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×7201366×7681920×1080
sunflower world wallpaper
Sunflower LandscapeAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×8001440×9001680×1050,1920×1200
sunflower landscape wallpaper
Blue RosesAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×7201366×7681600×9001920×1080
blue roses wallpaper
Alone Pink FlowerAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×7201366×7681920×1080
alone pink flower wallpaper
Blue FlowersAvailable in the following size(s): 1024×768
blue flowers wallpaper
The FlowersAvailable in the following size(s): 1500×1000
the flowers wallpaper
Growing BranchAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
growing branch wallpaper
FrnioAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
frnio wallpaper
Purple BlurAvailable in the following size(s): 2560×1600, 1920×1200, 1440×900, 1280×800, 320×480 Download ZIP
Purple Blur wallpaper
Cherry BlossomAvailable in the following size(s): 2560×1600, 1920×1200, 1440×900, 1280×800, 320×480 Download ZIP
Cherry Blossom wallpaper
Summer FieldsAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×800
Summer Fields wallpaper
A Dreamy World 85thAvailable in the following size(s): 1600×1200
A Dreamy World 85th wallpaper
A Little Bunch of FlowersAvailable in the following size(s): 1024×768
A little bunch of flowers wallpaper
Butterfly on Orange FlowerAvailable in the following size(s): 1440×900
Butterfly on Orange Flower wallpaper
CleanAvailable in the following size(s): 1920×1200
Clean wallpaper
Wonderful LifeAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
Wonderful Life wallpaper
Round FlowerAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
Round Flower wallpaper
Calming FlowerAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
Calming Flower wallpaper
Orange ColorsAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
Orange Colors wallpaper
White StarAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
White Star wallpaper
China DragonAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
China Dragon wallpaper
Purple & White FlowersAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
Purple & White flowers wallpaper
Japan FlowersAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
Japan Flowers wallpaper
The Chosen OneAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
The Chosen One wallpaper
The Blue FlowerAvailable in the following size(s): 1680×1116
The Blue Flower wallpaper
Autumn ColorsAvailable in the following size(s): 1680×1050
Autumn Colors wallpaper
Cold FireAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
Cold Fire wallpaper
Close FlowerAvailable in the following size(s): 1920×1200
Close Flower wallpaper
Perfect NatureAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
Perfect Nature wallpaper
Mysterious FlowerAvailable in the following size(s): 1200×900
Mysterious Flower wallpaper
Dapper DeskAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×800
Dapper Desk wallpaper
Purple CrocusAvailable in various sizes. Download
Purple Crocus wallpaper
Cold FlowersAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×800
Cold Flowers wallpaper
2 ElementsAvailable in the following size(s): 1920×1200
2 Elements wallpaper
Flowering CherryAvailable in the following size(s): 1600×1200
Flowering Cherry wallpaper
Spring FlowerAvailable in the following size(s): 1920×1080
Spring Flower wallpaper
Flower ForestAvailable in the following size(s): 1920×1200
Flower Forest wallpaper
FaiaAvailable in the following size(s): 1920×1285
Flower Forest wallpaper
Mountains FlowersAvailable in various sizes. Download
Mountains Flowers wallpaper
FrangipaniAvailable in various sizes. Download
Frangipani wallpaper
TrilliumAvailable in various sizes. 1800×1200
Trillium wallpaper
Diamonds in the SunAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×1024, 1024×768 Download ZIP
Diamonds in the Sun wallpaper
Red PoppiesAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×1024
Red Tulips wallpaper
Pink SpringAvailable in the following size(s): 1152×765
Pink Spring wallpaper
The Smallest WishAvailable in the following size(s): 1280×800
The Smallest Wish wallpaper
Winter WonderlandAvailable in the following size(s): 3888×2592
Winter Wonderland wallpaper
FallAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
When Fall Comes wallpaper
Poppy FieldAvailable in the following size(s): 3098×2090
Poppy Field wallpaper
Foretaste of SpringAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
Fortaste of Spring wallpaper
White Spring FlowersAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
White Spring Flowers wallpaper
Rainbow PoppyAvailable in the following size(s): 3841×2578
Rainbow Poppy wallpaper
Yellow FlowerAvailable in various sizes. Download ZIP
Yellow Flower wallpaper
Almost SummerAvailable in the following size(s). 2896×1944
Almost Summer wallpaper
DaisyAvailable in the following size(s). 2560×1600
Daisy wallpaper
Triplets on the EdgeAvailable in the following size(s). 3008×2000
Triplets on the Edge wallpaper
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