Sunday, September 8, 2013

5 Best Apps To Track Lost / Stolen Android Devices

Nowadays, Android devices have become very popular due to their high quality features. One of the major reasons for this is because if you happen to lose it, there are apps that can be used to get it back to you. These apps have got features that may help you to track down the missing phone. This is done by triggering in order to have the hook ringed off and then sending its GPS position to your email. These apps can actually do more than this and thus with it you are assured of its security. The following are the 5 most popular Android apps that can track down a stolen or lost Android device.

1. Where`s My Droid

This is a Find my Phone app that may help you to locate your missing phone. If your smartphone is missing, sending a code through a text will make it to ring even if it is in silent mode. Another text code will send you GPS coordinates for the phone. Alternatively, you may remotely control your Android phone by having it connected to the Commander option which is a web-based interface. This app also gives you a pro version that lets you snap pictures using the camera.

2. Plan B

This app will help you get back your phone even if you had not installed any tracking app. This is an app from the Lookout Labs that locates your phone using GPS and towers. It starts automatically and then sends the location of your phone to your Gmail. If it fails to start, you may borrow another phone and text this word "locate" to the lost phone.

3. Android Lost Free

This app is capable of finding a lost phone as well as tormenting the thief. You may activate the alarm through the web or SMS so that it can ring with a flashing screen. Using this app, you can wipe the lost phone, erase everything that is on the SD card, lock it completely and many more things. This app is known to be the best compared to other apps in terms of security.

4. SeekDroid Lite

This app has got remote wipe and lock features, GPS-enabling, hide from the view mode, SMS activation, and ring alert even when it is in silent mode. You will also be capable of retrieving the most recent calls. This app has got capability of working even without SIM card being plugged in. The pro account which is usually monthly subscription helps you to track all the movements of your stolen phone. It will do this by using a history map that shows you where the device is heading. You can also use it to get protection for many devices, receive notifications when it leaves the pre-selected fenced-in area.

5. AntiDroidTheft

This is a simple Android device that may help you to locate your phone through GPS, track all changes made to your SIM card as well as view all the pictures which have been snapped by the phone all through web. 
You just try any of the above apps and really it will work out fine for you.

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