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Which Is Better Blogging Platform For You

The blogging is a good hobby and the best way to share our thought or knowledge in the Internet world as well make money through blog. Before creating a blog we should have specific goal about the blog we starting, like what we do for it? which types of post will publish in front of people? like those things are should kept in our mine while going to start blogging.

At starting the most of the people are perplexity to select which is best platform for blogging? As a non empiricism guy will always choose the platform which easy to navigate, customise, SEO, design etc. He select free blogging platform as good decision for newbie that is Blogger.com.

But a pro blogger continuous his blogging through WordPress which is self hosted blog. This is most difference between newbie and pro blogger.

There are various platform to start blogging. But the Blogger and WordPress are the most popular blogging platform. Blogger is the first blogging platform started in the Internet and have revolutionised in publishing articles on the Internet world while it launched but at the same time the WordPress released with more customisable than blogger.

However both are the best platform for blogging than other platform available in the web. Also offer equally effective search engine optimization while Matt Cutts the man behind SEO and head of the Google Webspam team looking around our blog. Let's check out the comparison between advantages and disadvantages among the Blogger and WordPress.


Blogger is created by Payra Labs and owned by Google. It's launched in august 1999. It is one of the best platform to create a blog for newbie and simpler to work in it for amateur as well its free. All the data are stored in the cloud. Anyone with email account can start blog on it for free. Majority of the bloggers on the blogger is based on personal use.

  • Free to setup a new blog
  • There is no any limitation for the numbers of posts can have in a blog.
  • Bloggers can ask anything about blog in Blogger Product Forum.
  • It's available in 50 different languages.
  • Providing free templates and can customise easily through template designer option.
  • Bloggers who well known in codding may also create their own template using CSS.
  • Quick indexing in the search engine as it is a Google product.
  • Drag and Drop widget convenience in sidebar and footer.
  • Support multiple administration and no need install any software, everything can done by online.
  • Can easily setup Google Adsense through it for generating revenue.
  • It only provide image and video upload. No any other types of file.
  • Templates are not much more attractive.
  • Google can remove your blog at anytime due any malpractice.
  • Individual pages (main page of a blog or archive pages) are limited to 1 MB.
  • It is difficult for the newbie to modify the part of HTML.
  • There is some limitation among a blog.


WordPress is founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on may 2003. There is two service in WordPress are WordPress.com (that is free) and WordPress.org (Not free) it is self hosted blog so we need to spent some money for hosting. Many hosting providers are available in Internet which are easy to install. It is content management system (CMS) based  on PHP and MySQL. There are many features given for self hosted blog than free service.

  • Free to setup a new blog on WordPress.com
  • Guest Post is very easy.
  • Many SEO plug ins are available to optimize the blog in search engine easily.
  • User can upload any types files. (while Blogger provide only image and video upload)  
  • Drag and Drop widget convenience in sidebar and footer.
  • There is no any limitation for the numbers of posts can have in a blog.
  • Support multiple administration.
  • Advance Content Management System.
  • User can easily customise the theme.
  • It's offer offline editing of post.
  • You may have to install software for customisation.
  • Have to pay some money for attractive themes.
  • Free support is less.
  • It's difficult for newbie bloggers.
  • Your blog may hacked due malicious theme or plug in.
  • You may have to pay some money for WordPress bog.


By concluding the article you have understand the difference and better blogging platform. I'm strongly recommend WordPress for the pro bloggers, at the same time newbie should start blog on Blogger which is free to use. So I hope you may like my article well and if you have any doubts, you can comment it below.
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