Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How To Search And Watch 3D Videos on YouTube

Nowadays almost the videos or movies are built in 3D. So are you watching 3D movies sitting at theater, then you can watch 3D in YouTube also with or without glasses. As we know the 3D made history in the world. Millions of 3D movies are released. So you got a chance to watch those video on YouTube. So no need to go theatre or any other one to watch 3D movie. Justy sitting at home you can watch 3D movies on YouTube.

How To Search and Watch 3D Videos On YouTube

Fortunately, there is cute thing on YouTube which offers many option for watch 3D content. You can watch 3D video with colored glasses, 3D TV or Monitor or even without 3D device. Type some movie or cartoon title as you with and click on the Filter pull down menu and select 3D link under features section.

So now you can see 3D videos on that search result and click any video as you wish. Then You can customise the devices in the option with glasses or without glasses or connecting 3D TV.  Just look at the image below.

So I hope you got a best 3D experience with YouTube. You can also find YouTube recommended 3D channels using YouTube 3D
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