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How To Integrate Dropbox & Google Drive Into Office 2013

The latest release of Microsoft Office 2013 showcases a new look and cleaner design. Aside from some of its new features, one that stands out is its integration with the cloud service SkyDrive. With SkyDrive integration, document files that are saved to SkyDrive will sync faster and won’t create conflict when more than one person is working on the same file.
Dropbox And Google Drive For Office 2013
But what if SkyDrive isn’t your primary cloud service? Well, there’s a way to integrate other cloud services to Microsoft Office 2013. We’ll show you how to integrate the popular choices, Dropbox and Google Drive, to Microsoft Office 2013 to give quicker access to your files and folders.

Integrating Office 2013

First thing you have to do is to download and install the Dropbox and Google Drive clients on your Windows 7 or 8 PC. Next, you have to download 2 .bat files to integrate Dropbox and Google Drive, respectively.

Adding Dropbox

Let’s start with Dropbox. Download this file and run it as an administrator.
Dropbox Bat File
A command prompt window will appear. Press any key to continue.
Dropbox Step 1
It’ll now ask you to type in the folder path of your Dropbox folder. Unless you changed the path of your folder, the default path would be ‘C:\Users\[your username]\Dropbox‘, type it in and hitEnter.
Dropbox Step 2
You’ll now see a few lines confirming that it has been successfully installed. Hit any key to close the window.
Dropbox Step 3

Adding Google Drive

With Google Drive, it’s pretty much the same few steps. Download this file and run it as an administrator.
Google Drive Bat File
A command prompt window will appear. Press any key to continue.
Google Drive Step 1
Type in the folder path of your Google Drive folder; the default path should be ‘C:\Users\[your username]\Google Drive‘, then hit the Enter key.
Google Drive Step 2
It’ll then confirm the installation. Hit any key to close the window.
Google Drive Step 3

Enabling Dropbox And Google Drive

To enable these 2 cloud services to Office 2013, open one of their products, let’s say Word, and click on ‘File’ at the top left.
Then click on Add a Place and click on Dropbox and Google Drive.
It’ll take a few seconds to load and once it’s done you’ll see it added to the list.

Want Out?

In the event that you want to remove these services, you can go to Account and under ‘Connected Services’ click on the ‘Remove’ link.

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