Monday, March 25, 2013

Download Stylish Windows 8 Gadgets

Missing the windows 8 gadgets? We collected 45 free Windows 8 gadgets for you to download, if you are looking Windows 8 gadgets check our collection. Windows gadgets is a great feature of windows OS. Windows vista and windows 7 have a lot of beautiful gadgets abut windows 8 doesn’t have any. And so many people missed them.

Windows 8 is the latest operating system of Microsoft. Many people already upgrade windows 8 from windows 7. Windows 8 is faster and stable than windows 7 but unfortunately it doesn’t have many beautiful features. And windows gadgets are one of them. Windows 7 have a lot of beautiful gadgets but windows 8 doesn’t have any. Many people are feeling unhappy when they realize it and I am also one of them.

Windows gadgets is the greatest feature of windows operating system. Microsoft added this feature when they release windows vista. Windows 7 also contain this feature. Few days when I realize that there is no windows 8 gadgets. Then I start searching some beautiful gadgets for windows 8. At last I got it. So today I am going to share some beautiful windows 8 gadgets for free. You can download these windows 8 gadgets directly. If you are interested about this, just follow my tutorial.

Download Windows 8 Gadgets Free:-

Windows 8 Gadgets (Direct Download Link)
Alternative Link
Windows 8 Gadgets (Softpedia)

I like all the gadgets very much. I hope you also like my windows 8 gadgets collection. This post will updated automatically when I get a new gadgets. So if you want to receive new windows 8 gadgets updates, Bookmark this link or subscribe our RSS news later.

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